date event location (link to event/venue)
07-04-03 boogie nights
stacie orrico
the candies
taste of america 
rose bowl - pasadena, ca
07-03-03 venice beach boardwalk / pch venice beach, ca
06-28-03 weapon of choice
optic nerve
ayo & the yoruba house ensemble
the aggrolites with chris murray
downtown artist district music fest
los angeles, ca
06-27-03 engineers day picnic whittier narrows - whittier, ca
06-26-03 tower of power
average white band
oxnard performing arts center
oxnard, ca
06-21-03 festival del sol macarthur park - los angeles, ca
06-13-03 sunset blvd west hollywood, ca
06-11-03 four:19
team scrub
ron shead
the temple bar - santa monica, ca
06-06-03 mystic
kim hill
be natural
the temple bar - santa monica, ca
05-25-03 roy ayers
blay ambolley
the bad plus
russell gun/ethnomusicology/dj apollo
ucla jazz reggae festival: jazz day -
ucla drake stadium - westwood, ca
05-22-03 weapon of choice
fais do-do - los angeles, ca
05-03-03 p-funk allstars the norva - norfolk, va
05-02-03 p-funk allstars byrd stadium - university of maryland
04-12-03 p-funk allstars henry fonda theatre - hollywood, ca
04-11-03 p-funk allstars house of blues - anaheim, ca
04-10-03 p-funk allstars avalon ballroom - san francisco, ca
04-05-03 hosey wedding & reception pasadena, ca
04-01-03 fishbone amoeba music - hollywood, ca
03-28-03 venice beach boardwalk venice beach, ca
03-26-03 modern groove assembly
reel grace
klosed minded
the temple bar - santa monica, ca
03-13-03 w.o.c
dj and the drummers
the temple bar - santa monica, ca
03-12-03 audra
just listen
the temple bar - santa monica, ca
03-07-03 trulio disgracias
natural afrodisiac
intergalactic space gypsies
fais do-do - los angeles, ca
03-02-03 macy gray the groove - anaheim, ca
02-28-03 optic nerve
natures dezign
the temple bar - santa monica, ca
02-25-03 darrell diaz
the v band
bb kings - universal city, ca
02-18-03 jacob fred oddessy
global funk council
the knitting factory - hollywood, ca
02-16-03 digital underground
man vs machine
bang bang bunny
the key club - hollywood, ca
02-15-03 anti war march / rally hollywood, ca
02-14-03 acapulcos downey, ca
02-12-03 fanny franklin
duane la rue
the temple bar - santa monica, ca
02-08-03 morcheeba
the wiltern - los angeles, ca
02-05-03 marvette williams
afreaka nature
the temple bar - santa monica, ca

more events

marvette williams febuary 5, 2003 templebar
soon as i walked in the place, i met marvette william's energy. she is a black female with a skinny white girl type body and some ways as i could see. she was meeting and greeting and fromn the moment i saw her i knew she was the principal this evening. she filled the place with her persoanality and that was very good. and as i thought about her performance this morning, i couldnt remember any real "soul" in it. dont get me wrong now, she is cute, sexy, outgoing and very close to what i consider the ideal female. she has most of the rhythm of a black female but she moved as a white girl. most of the voice power of a black female, but sang kinda "traditionally white?"she did sets with afreaka nature and fatslice. 

the afreaka nature set was rock-popish. a kinda flat in between music that didnt seem to have any bite. like the songs were written in the 70's or sumn. then fatslice came on and did a few songs before she joined them and their music had more bite, energy and attitude. in the group was a big black brotha on sax. the kind of big black dude with free flowing afro that when you see him you know he can groove. and he did. her set with them had more bite and substance. still cant call it soulish, not sure what to call it.

then marvette did a set with fatslice that was her music and this was good. she had two back up singers join her and the black male was into it the way only a black (slightly femine) male can be. his movement and look on his face said he was enjoying doing this and doing his thang. marvette williams did the songs from her ep and they were vibey, with good energy and good movement and good vocal. it was like night and day from the first set. though once again i dont recall much of a soul feeling, but got a definite vibe.   

the special this night was morcheeba. between sets the dj had in rotation morcheeba's "who can you trust?" cd. so like every 3rd song was a cut from one of my all time fave albums. i danced and vibed to this. and the fact that im gonna see morcheeba perform live for the first time this saturday made it just that much more.

morcheeba febuary 8, 2003 wiltern
the wiltern is one of those huge beautiful plush theatres that has been converted to have standing and dancing spaces. very well done as they made several levels with tables and standing room with a pit area at the stage (that they only let in the 1st 200 people with wristbands). i gets there and rosey is playing. she is a cute not skinny white girl (she had a nice big butt) who played white girl vibey music. i thought it really cool that i recognized the musicians that accompanied her; josh lopez on guitar and davey on percussion are temple bar regulars. anyhows her white girl vibey music had a good groove to it at times.

the stage was big and the lighting was gorgeous. the colors and background created by the lighting was much better than im use to. a rapper pace1 got it started before morcheeba and he was cool. morcheeba felt very polished and professional. they seemed to have a very refined stage presence. that, the lighting and the quality of the sound system gave it an almost upidity formal feeling. 

morcheeba makes some of my fave music. i was excited to see them for the first time live and they did not disappoint. little black bald headed girl skyler has a very nice voice. her stage presence is playful and open. she danced and vibed and sang with the music. she had on some high heels that seemed bigger than she was. the last song was rome was built in a day and it moved with the audience singing. 

once again, i was like the only on beat in this young white crowd. there was a guy close to me who would clap on time with me most of the grooves and that was cool. but for the most part, the crowd could not find the beat. i found a good spot middle on the first tier and grooved not letting the non-dancers and rhythmless around me slow my groove. i mean, if everybody around me is standing still and im the only one on beat, no matter how right i am, i am the one going against the grain kinda. sometimes i feel like showing off that i gots the groove. sometimes i want others to be on beat and groove with me so i can groove deeper. sometimes the grooveless irritates me, standing still like they do or by being off beat. but this night though i was very mellow, i was less effected by the grooveless than usual and did my thang regardless.

acapulcos feb 14, 2003 downey, ca
happened upon this place becuase of too much traffic on valentines day. before i did i left hand caught a plastic shopping bag that flew by my car on the freeway. two instances of people who had seen me snag it told me it was a good catch, and it was. anywayz we at acapulcos and its hispanic karokee. everything was in spanish, all the songs and the between songs banter. then between songs they played brick's dazz. then they played "we want the funk" by parliament. needless to say where my energy went. in a non english place i happened on accident, i find the funk. 

anti-war march & rally feb 15, 2003 hollywood, ca
i have never seen more diversity and creativity in one place before in my life. hundreds of extremely creative witty signs, costumes, displays, clothing. music was hip-hop funky. had very good beat. i vibed the crowd. i danced all day. we marched from hollywood & vine to sunset and labrea. rob reiner, cast of west wing. band i recently saw at the temple bar burning star played. never have i seen so many different kinds of people express so cleverly and creatively in my life. 

crowd kinda boo'ed the "jesus saves" people as we walked by. they estimated 100,000. 600+ rallies around the world. global. did this form of protest begin with the civil rights movement? was it created by a black american. to see the whole world use this form of protest which is definitely american, and a big part of democracy.

jacob fred oddessy, global funk council feb 18, 2003 knitting factory
jacob fred is a 3 piece; organ/keyboard, bass and drums. funky funky jazz grooves. noticed that riffs were played once, hardly repeated. not many repeating grooves. music went in any direction at any time, very refreshing. kim manning and a white female with heavy soulful like voice sang sat in for a song. very good deep funky jazz. bass player occasionally used electronics to make his bass make higher pitched sound, like a folk guitar or sumn, not low bass stuff and did like a guitar solo.

was the only black male in the place, crowd was younger as this is 16 and over. dj grooved with funky groove movement beats. then he uses a monologue of an african praising the african man and his ways of love, universe and peace. once again i was struck, why is it that so many white kids embrace black music and philosophy so much.

global fiunk council was a full band, but i dont seem to remember anything about them..strange.

darrell diaz, the v band feb 25, 2003 universal citywalk
not worth the $$. $8 to park, $10 to get in, and i spent $9 for; orange juice/ginger ale, fries and tip. total of about $27 for mediocre musical performances. though darrell diaz was ok, his music was too soft. mellow and good at times yes, but very soft. maybe to soft, too calming as when the next band came on things were really mellow. he had lots of percussion and a very cute thick black female who i enjoyed just staring at. enjoyed just looking ather pretty brown skin on a large nicely think frame, flowing curly hair, very nice smile...

the v band was blonde skinny white girl with low ridin jeans and baby doll shirt with belly and hips exposed to the point she got stares before the show. she was very cute and all, but struck me as a too sexy-cute. maybe im getting old and she was young. she had a good voice, though her songs and vibe seemed hurried, nervous. like she didn't relax in a groove. she may not have had much rehearsal time with this band, but still i thought she could have relaxed and settled into a groove and let the strength and bit of soulfulness in her voice come out. i loved her long thick blondish curly hair. one funny thing too is that more than once she kepted time off the beat, but she wasnt off beat vocally. 

optic nerve, naturez dezign feb 28, 2003 templebar
optic nerve was better than the last time i saw them. i seem to think the rhythm guitar made a difference, but maybe im wrong. they sounded a bit "updated" this time, more of their music and lyrics sounded more current (as oppossed to music that sounded like it was written by teenagers in the 70's like last time). but there were a couple songs that sounded so sappy they had to be doing it on purpose. the message, terminology and the repition of certain words and chorus made the music sound so outdated that it made me laugh more than once. i couldnt figure it out. but i am still deeply infatuated with audra so whatever she does is right with me. fanny has a very good voice and she cusses, and for some reason i like that.

naturez dezign was a little less than the last two times ive seen them, but they still were good. i like the song "relax your mind...." i absolutely love when she sings that.

macy gray march 2, 2003 the groove
p-funk all over da'place and i had on my pfunk1 jersey. for most of the evening, i was the only person dancing, the only person on beat.

walked up to dj booth, commented on the music. soon as i did the ethel merhman show tune music stopped. the next song to come on was indie arie? singing about how much she loved that "brown skin." once again, i was the only black person in this orange county house of folx having a pre-show dinner. i laughed out lous and asked the dj why its that im always the only black face in a white croiwd listening to a person sing the praises of blackness. during this song i danced throughout the place and while getting a bottled water one of the white female bar tenders was clappin her hands off beat. i told her "no, your not on beat." i then showed her where the beat was by keeping proper time and it was a playful cool thing. 

the dj was groovin medium old funk like outstanding, etc and by this time i made my way to the 2nd tier so more of the grooveless could see me. i mean, i looked over the crowd and its ALL WHITE FOLX JUST SITTING THERE. NO RHYTHM, NO HEAD BOBBIN, NO DANCING, NOTHING. i was the only dancing and the only on beat. i stood in the back knowing that when i went to the 2nd tier i would have this audience seeing me. when i got there i wasnt fully in the groove. i was a bit "nervous" or whatever and it took a few minutes for me to settle into the groove where i couldnt get off beat. played michael jackson's heartbreak hotel, then he played steve arrinton's weak in knees.  old funky songs i have on tape and have recently listened to. so this settled me into that groove and i danced knowing rhythmless eyes were on me. then they played  (not just) knee deep. i heard somebody say when the song cam on and i made my move "uh oh, they're playing hios music."  and by the time the dj played knee deep, i was in the groove. i was feeling it. and i danced very proudly for all to see.  i looked back at the crowd never missin a beat with a big ole smile of enjoyment. doin my thang to my music. feeling every drop of the moment. i grooved to every beat and change of my fave studio recorded song. afetr the song was over i could have sworn i heard a small cheer from part of the crowd. after that the dj played get it up by the time, and i continued to groove deeper. often turning so the crowd could see i knew the words to these songs i know they prolly never heard before. 

very cute non blonde white girl complimented me on my vibe. she said i had a very good vibe. this was pre-show groovin. i told her with a kinda serious playful look "imagine being the only one." she said she had no rhythm. i told she wasnt alone and motioned to the rest of the crowd.

arik marshall playing the synth groove to flashlight and then flashing the p-funk sign 

parody song of archie buinker that started with "boy the way george clinton played."

macy doing the "ready or not, here we come" chant and then a couple chorus' of one nation

numerous compliments on my jersey. pats on the back for my vibe and groove. 

macy was cussin a little, saying fuck and talkin bout fuckin to an all ages crowd. also about smoking a joint. one of the cool parts of the show she pulled some kids up on stage during a song and let them kinda sway and move to the music. then they did a rockettes style line and did the kick and it was very warm. it was good to see the young kids on stage and it felt wholesome. i was into it.the kids were into it too. very willing to participate.

macy did her hits and the band was tight. her band was arik marshall on guitar, bass player (who looks like john black or the guy who sat in with john black one time), a black female percussionsist, a black female on keyboards and a brutha on drums. not toomuch to say about the songs, but the music is good. very, very good movement and energy. 

i was in the pit and had plenty of room. very close to the stage.

trulio disgracias mar 7, 2003 fais do-do
returned after a break to catch the tail end of one band when the house music comes on and its: parliament's up for the downstroke. i hollered. then came chocolate city (once again there was only two black people in the place as this racially pro-black song played), p-funk, mothership connection and we want the funk. as we want the funk played the guitar for band warming up started playing with the riff. then the drums drifted in. next thing i know we groovin to an improv live version. it was good. and when it was over the guitar player stated with excitement that they were still playing in time with the track. why is it that almost everywhere i go i hear p-funk? and i wasnt wearing no pfunk propaganda clothing either.

trulio disgracias was good this night. the band was made up of young cats i didnt recognize, but they grooved. good vibey jam session. funky, very spirited. like jambandish, but noticeably slightly more funky. trulio had a couple of youn brothas who rapped and one played drums. hispanic rappers from the crowd got up on stage and did their thang. vicky calhoun sounded really good too. saw lonnie earlier in the night, but he was gone by the time trulio hit the stage.

norwood ever so slightly morphed into red hot momma by funkadelic.  vicky calhoun was calling for it more than once before we got into it. but the thing was how mr fisher was playing another funky bassline when i noticed the slightest adjustments and the faint groove of red hot momma. man that was good. several p-funk chats and riffs in the music.  

it was lauren's birthday and a very well spirited night.

jabudah was ok. natural afrodisiac was good as always. these boys seem like they come to play and they have a lot of percussion so there are a lot of good rhythms. 

jellybean was doing her dance good this evening. after i got warmed up i was able to almost keep up with her. very, very good evening of music and funky vibe. 

audra march 12, 2003 templebar
audra was good, she was very good. i love her energy on and off stage. very good neo-soulful groove vocals with a very good flow. fanny franklin (who has a voice so good i enjoyed just overhearing her order a drink) and another tall black cute female (with booty nice) did backing vocals. it seemed at first audra's lead vocals were hurried and too loud, but she seemed to settle in cause when them 3 girls sang together it flowed wonderfully. on the last song the girls were in groove and audra on lead vocal was able to fly and she did. since she is my current primary infatuation i was moved to feel her get deep like that. i knew she had a good voice, but this song really showcased it and i digged it. richie rich on drums.

homestyle was groovin also. rap funkish hiphop. the rhythm guitar in this band was on it. shook hands with bands primary and told him he gave me one of their cd's at 1650 when they played there awhile back. their music was not all hip-hoppish, it had rock, funk and jazz and all of it was on groove. his rap had good movement. he also did a thing where he said "anybody like bootsy collins." (everywhere i go p-funk) and then they did a song where he imitated bootsy's voice, playing hendrix over a cream groove. 

just listen was a white dude with obvious black hip hop influence. it was a full band with white female also on vocals. she was very jazzy hip hop vibey. their grooves were very intricate, innovative. compliacted rhythms under blue-eyed jazzy soulful vocal groove and hip hop rap. they came on late and i was kinda tired but i still was diggin this bands groove. the lead singer/rapper played sax and clarinette also and had a very nice bounce on the beat. in his on stage dialogue he said his mother was vacationing in africa. i spent a good part of yesterday researching a trip to africa.

sometimes its hard to put into words, buit i had a really good time last night. when it gets as good as it did last night sometimes it hard to describe. there werent any major events that could be described, it was just a good evening. i danced and vibed and enjoyed and drifted and was in a really good place. immense pleasure from the simple & little things in life, thats heaven. an euphoria from just being. i love the templebar. i love my life. also a cutie who use to work where i am now recognized me and introduced herself. 

w.o.c, dj and the drummers, manzares march 13, 2003 templebar
lonnie on bass. fish on drums, rappers, singers sat in. gabby on sitar and ukeleyle keeping rhythm (real good at times). davey on percussion. foley in the house. audra fanny in the house. elizabeth on trombone. met and talked to people this night more than usual. met a p-funky white girl who was on beat. laurens mom. lamar miles. danced all night again. was good to dance with p-funky white girl on beat. 
OC: FoLey, Brewster, Bricks in the house...
Posted by Don't Let your soda pop...
on 3/14/2003, 4:04 pm
MegaNutt, Fish on drums, Gabby on sitar and ukelele, ELizabeth (trombone), davy on percussion. Audra was present but didn't sing, anthony brewster (untouchables), Bricks, and Kinetic rocked the mic...
FOLEY in the house; No guitar or keys, butt of course you know it was nutty...

they played 3 weapon songs: I Like your body, Soda Pop, Spade, and made up some shit along the weigh...


p-funky girl on beat. free spirited seemingly intoxicated white girl approaches and asks for a light. i give her one and conversation ensues with her, me and my anti-bush I button wearing buddy. i eventually drift away and return and they are still conversating outside. somehow the topic shifted and she says "i was listening to p-funk on the way over here." this intrigued me so i ask questions; "why were you listening to p-funk?" "how did you first hear p-funk" "why do you like p-funk." early in the questioning she felt i was "sweating" her (as it seems most humans do when i show any kinda deeper interest in what they like) and i briefly summarized my p-funk situation and the fact i have websites devoted to it. then somewhere during all this in her free spirited way she shouted "KILL WHITEY!!" i turned to my buddy who i was glad was a witness cause i had no p-funk propaganda clothing on nor did i mention anything about race.

i went on to tell her i have a website dedicated to rhythm and ive done essays on why white people are so into black music and blackness. she in her seemingly intoxicated way said she prolly could help me out and articulate the feelings she has for funk and rhythm. i said cool and gave her my website name and when i did her buddy screams out "PFUNK1.COM." im not into advertising but i do got ego and to hear my creation broadcast like that by someone i just met was cool. (that and the fact audra (i love her) and fanny were standing like right there).

anyways the night goes on and the house music is groovin and so is p-funky white girl. and she is groovin on beat!! i was into this. then the dj played atomic dog and i went into groove. and p-funky white girl was right there, on beat with me, trying to hang. i grooved deeper. it felt so good to actually dance with someone who was on beat and could keep the beat. i was all over the rhythms and even threw off-grooves (but still on beat) at her and she maintained her rhythm. this not only made me feel good, but it "pushed" or encouraged me to a higher energy and a higher groove consciousness. i was able to get added energy and dance deeper into groove as i used her beat with mine to feel a more complicated groove. (or sumn like that, the experience is still to new to me to find the proper words to describe). 

its like getting synergy from a group. i was able to vibe her groove and literally feel energy or adrenaline running thru my body. all this while staying within my groove and on my beat. she still had them white girl moves but the moves were in a pattern that made beauty with the music. she had a groove on beat and i had a groove on beat. for me to experience our grooves together (and dont forget we dancing to p-funk atomic dog) was euphoric. 

i imagine one day experiencing the whole house under a groove like this. i wonder what power and energy a group doing this would have. how we all would feel. to look around and see everybody in a visual harmony with each other and the music. to feel that visual harmony. 

i believe also there must be physical energies (not just conscious) associated with people moving in time. electricity is induced by moving objects thru or past other objects. if you have a whole room of individual people moving as one, their collective energies may accumulate and act as one energy within its surroundings. our atmosphere, the earth and everything has a potential energy which can be induced by motion or movement.

you cant have sound without motion.
sound is a direct representation of some kind of motion. 
rhythm is sounds in sync. this should then also indirectly represent motions in sync
relative motion (an object moving relative to another) creates energy
energy is matter.
matter is energy

can motion create matter?

can ya feel me? 
do you understand the nature of my curiosity? 

i believe there is a science in rhythm, consciousness and energy that is fairly unexplored.

and to explore it, you may need to have rhythm and vibe to fully appreciate it
cause from the euphoria i get is a hit of adrenaline (or whatever) to my brain that in my experience has heighten my awareness and creativity. its like i can control and pump energy to my mind/brain and use this energy to think deeper, pushing and expanding my creativity. pushing and expanding my creativity enables me to see more creative solutions to questions and or problems. maybe enabling me to use more brain capacity then the stereotypical normal human being.

modern groove assembly,reel grace,klosed minded march 26, 2003 templebar
semi-niggas in mi fave place last night with hat ghetto brashness. an aggressiveness im not use to seeing in the templebar. not saying good or bad, just saying different. the word nigger/nigga was used a lot this night also.

 klosed minded was bass, guitar, drums and lead spoken word/rapper. his message was solid, but his voice was not soothing to listen to. came off a bit un-rehearsed and "just put together" feeling at times. he probably just needed some echo or reverb. the music and groove was solid. 

mga girl 1 got on mic and asked if anybody wanted to "spit" after the first set. never saw that before at mi fave place. a brotha did spit and he was about life in the ghetto and racism. basically to sum it all up he finished with "but im still seen as a n-i-g-g-a"  

klosed minded sang "dont call me whitey, nigga. dont call me nigga, whitey. there was a lot of racism talk  

i so love black female. the lighter skinned mga girl 1 who i was infatuated with  not too long ago has an aggressive energy i find attractive. the darker skinned mga girl 2 had very pleasant vocals and rap and shook that thang one time so dead on beat and in a way ive only seen black female do it. it was a quick glimpse, but a very impressive display of body control and movement. she was cute too now. i enjoyed just watching them both.

reel grace was a white girl who also had good energy on and off stage. first noticed her dancing by the bar, her energy stood out and this made her stand out like she was a performer. like the energy of a performer is higher than than of the usual attendee. anyways, they were a full band with keyboards and percussion that opened with chaka's "you got the love." she was blue-eyed soulful and the band had good groove. her voice at times was not heavy or maybe deep enough. she sang vocally challenging songs, songs where strong voice was needed and she didnt back away from that. 

i was so in a groove, couldnt get off beat. feeling it all over my body. there was a point when i was vibrating on beat with my arm and my leg started shaking/vibrating involuntarily. kinda like a dogs does when you scratch him right. i was able to work myself up so onto the groove that i was able to kinda step back and feel this event while it was still going on. able to watch my leg vibrate involuntarily as i vibrated my hand/wrist/arm to the beat at a higher harmonic (or sumn that was a multiple rate higher frequency of the beat). my leg involuntarily vibrtaed at a rate that seemed to also be a harmonic of the beat.

venice beach march 28, 2003
groovin with flatop as did his act on the boardwalk. good funky music. it feels so good to be around someone with that much rhythm. he played do it roger do it, grapevine, superman. the music felt so good. after the crowd dispersed he played some old slapbak that was bangin!. last time i saw him we talked and he asked me about slapbak. what was cool was that the crowd was gone and it was just me and him groovin. i was dancing and he was doing his thang (the for real dancin) facing me so i could feel his groove and he could feel mine. also ran into a black and gold steeler buddy on the boardwalk.

fishbone april 1, 2003
concert in a store kinda cool. people stood in the aisles of music and watched. show/music was good. danced and grooved a little bit and it was cool cause the lights were on and i was able to vibe wide in the groove. 

the thing this night was synchronicity. drifting around the store dancing and vibing i ended up in what seemed like the international section. music from all over the world when i see a cd named "nigeria." i checked it out and it is labeled as a history of the 70's music from lagos (or sumn). this is literally the focus of my next project. since i was drifting i wasn't in mode to study and retain any info that could help my project so i didn't even try. i picked up the cd, looked at its $19.95 price and noted the number of songs. i also noted this impressive music section and vowed to return. as i put the cd back i noticed it was right next to shelia chandra's cd. chandra is one of my favorite spiritual singers and her music is very deep to me. the first song on the disc is lament of mccrimmon, which may be my favorite of hers. i recently copied music files to main computer to listen to and chandra was the first of the 3 artists i transferred. i didnt even copy p-funk, but i copied her.

maybe its me and im reading more into it than it is. but this event moved me. events like this make me believe that what im doing is "right" and im on the right path. real or imagined it makes me feel connected to something bigger that is more than what we can detect with our senses. and from this i get a pleasurable energy. it gives me confidence, added strength and motivation to pursue my goal.

my buddy said they were playing funkadelic's one nation under a groove lp before the show. he also was in attendance with a very cool friend female with beautiful energy that i really enjoyed exchanging with.

p-funk allstars may 2003

umd & norva

Posted by PFUNK1 on 5/5/2003, 3:56 pm

best pre show music ive ever heard
very very well done
mixed, mc'ed, dj'ed, etc
dj was very good
not only played a paul hill jam
that i never heard before with a very good groove
but said who it was and where to get it!!!
also played some steve boyd that was groovin
stuff i aint heard before so i got into it, "wpgr" or sumn
i was very impressed

no music for sale at all on merch tables for UMD or norva
well just THC and another, just 2 cds

the big thing about the norva
non gay black american males having fun and groovin together

maybe the best and most p-funk attire ive seen
some "fake" and some real funkadelic shit
some of the real t-shirts and shit was very deep

but the night was the spirit, energy and comraderie of
black male. there seemed to be 2 or 3 pockets or
just bunches who happened to party together.
it was cool to see black male being comfortable
with physical contact like that. it was a non issue.
and they sang together and it was beautiful to hear
cause they knew the words and how to fit them with the music

they were happy and harmonious, without coming off feminie.
smiling, happy and singing together. codomhat guy was in a group.
most times you can tell the leaders.

in los angeles i dont see that kinda spirit between black males-
not to that degree. they was like whiteboys!!! LOL almost moshin
we aint that physical and no where near enough of us
know the words that well, sans myself...


i realized too that george "gravitates" on stage towards
the part of the crowd that is in the deepest groove.
he is usually leftish and wanders to
where the most party is. i may have noticed this
because the norva was the first time (in a long time)
george wandered elsewhere. i wasnt mad and it was
kinda cool to see and experience it. it was almost
like ive never seen him at that angle!! LOL i didnt have
his attention and i could tell. he wasnt facing me.
i was no match for the groups of harmonious black males.


not a lot lot of females there
not alot of the white female like im use to
rememebr seeing one in a groove though, she was getting it
dont rememebr any signifigant black females now that i think of it
well, there was this one motor booty sista
had a booty so nice this hispanic looking girl hi fived me for it
she busted me gawking during the song booty

when i turned to look back, most of the not quite
college young crowd was kinda just standing there. some were
groovin, but as a whole it almost stood still. pan right
towards the stage to pockets of brothas gettin it on.

this one brotha got caught up in a groove and he
went off like he was having church. i seen him
getting ready to go so i leaned my head over
and hollered a chant dead on beat to encourage him.
i was feeding him and i know it. i watched the energy
take his body just like in church. it was gooooood!!
and when the holy ghost hit he "shouted" towards the
stage, pushing his way in a semi uncontrolled frenzy-

cool thing is the people he bumped into recognized this
and moved so he could get his groove on closer to the stage.
like they was letting someone with the holyghost get
to the pulpit. no beef, smiles and encouragement.

i just remembered another brother in a groove
dead on beat. brushed by a moment past.


i started singing pussy (chant) against george and kendra doing
fat cat record exec. it sounded good cause it was
only handclaps at a med slow tempo. nice kinda drag to it.
it went on for a bit as gc and kendra kept the fat cat groove.
thought they was gonna change the song, almost
and i dont even like the song pussy or wanted to sing it,
it just fit in that groove

on cosmic slop mikes guitar was way too low, way way too low
blackbyrds too. could barely hear them. seemed gary and them
was saying something to the soundgirl. later in show mike had
a solo and it was loud enough, but not during cosmic slop.

longest post show drums an crowd chant i ever been
seemed like 20 minutes



when i got to byrd stadiuim UMD
knew i had to walk to the student union to get ticket
but aint feel like it
right in step condomhat guy
(i cant call him dickhead, he was too cool)
offers me up a ticket and i proceed to the gate
without breaking stride
with his condom hat he was wearing a towel diaper too

met howard, grooved and chatted with him a bit

never gonna tell it was good
gary and george played with it and got into a very good vocal groove

mostly cool white college students
some black folk, young and old
but mostly white kids and they was into it
i like their vibe. seemed to have a little bit
more rhythm than the white kids out here. a little
bit more somethin i cant quite put into words.
and the girls are definitely healthier physically,
evn the white girls are more better thicker than here
not as pretty though. hey have a more plain attractiveness


weather was very comfortable. back east weather
is much more comfortable than west coast. the humidity
seems to make 70 degrees feel very nice where 70 can
feel cold out here

mr hampton seems to be angry again
maybe some people play better mad
funkadelic is emotion
what is funkadelic without drama?
how do you play maggot brain when you are very happy?


sound was good at times. but it wasnt overwhelmingly loud.
i could stand right by the speakers. bass thumped every now
and then. brotha with a 3 or 4 year old girl on his shoulders
right there by the speaker too.



overall nothing really spectacular about the shows

norva, thc played without billy and blackbyrd
dont know bass player names but he also is a drummer


nice to see them in a big stadium
i was able to run 20-30 yards as the energy
to cosmic slop wound up
dance big on that energy
lots of room to spread my groove out

norva was kinda crowded or maybe i stayed too close
i wanted to be up front where the action was


whenever i expect something from
a p-funk show im disappointed, always
the best and most magical shows are the ones when i dont expect shit
the worse show i ever saw them do was when my expectation was the highest
and this show i expected to see some steelers
or maybe one steeler, or a celebrity or two

did this disappointment hurt or bring me down? no
i still had a good time. i still got lost in the groove

and to tell the truth, the bands been tighter
and the mix has been better. but there are always
moments when they get it going. always at least once
in every show. some have many


i had a really good time and i feel very very good


sunset blvd cruise june 13, 2003 
left work early cause my attitude was really bad. went home and went straight to bed like around 4pm. woke up around 11pm and needed to go out and get some water. so i decide to cruise a bit. i ended up cruising sunset blvd with more energy and confidence than i may have ever had before. true or not, i felt i could have anything or anyone i wanted. deep in a groove and puttin it on folx happy smiling and looking people right back in the eye. i was gettin it one time sittin at a stop light and this group made up of mostly sistas crosses and im in groove. one of them does a quick hard bounce as she feels me. it was good. may have never felt this much confidence before. so much confidence that its noticeable and its something i am learning to live with and utilize. this seems to be the beginning of a phase in which my confidence is at a new higher level. 
tower of power, average white band june 26, 2003 oxnard performing arts center
(sometimes i feel like turning it out, oh!!!) 90% complete uninhibited freedom. average white band, tower of power. oxnard performing arts center. totally relaxed but aware of the "power." knew i could vibe anyone at anytime. i can make someone across the room feel an emotion. or i can stimulate and relay emotional information  via eye contact and body movement. and i know it. maybe now i can do it on a bigger scale. confidence has a lot to do with it. has to be right, i cant force it. dont want to force it. 

had been a longtime since i grooved publicly. little black girl dancin behind me. then saw her up at the front of the stage later by herself, had to be like 7 or 8. she was in groove. very close to the beat but just not quite. when she she would clap it would be on beat. thinking back it was body control or agility. she hasnt attained full control of her limbs. still a bit awkward, that would account for the slightly off beat. i was standing in the far right rows against the wall. 3 seats and an aisle and also a corner that had very good acoustics. wondered what people not use to seeing someone groove like this and with a little girl (i never looked at he though, never even made eye contact. but we was in a groove.) might think or felt. i believe it maybe be gestures or body movements that are unmistakably happy. an animal cannot cannot fake them. you can clearly see it is a true emotion.  

sittin up top i could see who could see what. i saw everybody sittin down and two people dancin (the native american girl) and how visible and obvious it was. i guess from experience how much a person seeing that would absorb. how that would make them feel. just sitting there. there was a time when i said "i need to go to a place where more people can see me." it was after i got into deep groove in the back of the balcony. i went to my assigned seat, which was j25, lower right one seat off right aisle. 

me and native american girl grooved in the aisiles too. they let us dance there. 

got autograph but they was bust talkin to other people. it got passed down all fast an actually someone else used it and i took theirs. i wasnt fightin the crowd at all. 

brother behind me on date. when they played a love of your own i went into groove. and i know he and she felt it. if they liked it i dont know. how it made them feel i didnt look to notice. but i was in it deep.

90% complete uninhibited freedom. able to go into rhythmic trance. spinal cord movements. building tension? felt i could have pushed to a climax. able to go deep even though most of crowd were stillstanders

dancin at very top of last row balcony. black female security guard standing maybe 15 feet from me. she had to feel it and i was getting it. i was letting it go and i knew it. i knew i was hittin it.

start slow from inside. feel the small pulse. it can go faster. what is it? is it spinal muscles? is something really moving or am i sensing something. or is it just a false sensory stimulation. but i feel it and at first it feels offbeat but it dont matter cause i know i will groove it in rhythm no matter what beat it is. maybe all grooves have to come back around. 

every move, even moves that make me hit a wrong beat. i will stay on that wrong beat, or try to keep it. sometimes when i do it eventually becomes on beat. like when i do a head-shoulder shake and it hits the wrong beat. imagine the rhythmic ability to stay dead off beat. having had the experience of being dead on beat, and "in the pocket." experiencing what its like to be dead off beat and maintain a dead off beat groove. but that time off beat has to be a beat. it has to be a factor of the beat so from some angle it is on beat. no matter what two grooves. if you step back far enough and can listen to any two grooves long enough, there will be a pattern that is a groove itself . a groove consisting of the beats the moments when the two grooves come together. eventually any two grooves will have a simultaneous beat. and that simultaneous beat will repeat. (i bet we could use numbers to prove this. pi is the only non repeating number. there is only one pi. if there were two, we possibly could have two grooves that would not rhythm.

that off beat time, off groove.  

native american female next to me. on beat, she felt it. we danced never with each other, but many times together. "i danced alone and never gazed in her direction, this does not mean that we did not trade affection." last dance gclinton. she danced with her other girlfriend 

engineers day picnic june 27, 2003 whittier narrows
carry over to company picnic today. was finger poppin up by stage between speakers. some kinda upbeat american made latin music or sum'n and i anticipated a pause. while i knew folx was watching. it wasnt like an auditorium so not many were actually facing the stage. i just kinda wandered over there and was aware a few people could see me. and when i nailed that break i heard reaction. female laugh kinda. i was so relaxed and in groove. they was playin old school lakeside, gap band, etc for a minute. i came in to the picnic area groovin. ate and it was good. had a very good night and was still feelin that. wore my greatful dead shirt proudly.  this is another experience of my confidence being higher than its ever been and me getting use to that.
venice beach / pch july 3, 2003
after walking venice beach more comfortable and with more relazed confidence than ive ever had i was ridin up pch in a semi groove but very relaxed state. then is see these 4 white girls in their early 20s ridin in a huge black luxury suv. they looked like hollywood entertainment industry administrative assistant types, very cute with that southern california white girl glossy prettiness. so i pull up beside them and lower my music to hear what they playin. they was listening to outkasts "sorry miss jackson." i very relaxedly look back at them, made eye contact and crinkled my nose and face like it was just soooo cute to see 4 white girls listening to that music. at least one of them instantly got it and more then one of them laughed and said "that was so cool." i digged that they felt me the way i meant it but more importantly without any verbal communication they knew exactly what i was implying.   
driving farther later down pch they are 3 lanes over as i pull up. i make eye contact with the one in the back passenger side, i turn down my music and i listen for their music. its still outkast but i can barley hear it. i couldnt hear it clearly enough to find the beat ands this felt weird. it has been so long since i havent instantly found the beat that the fraction of a second i took to find the beat with her watching seemed like a "long" time. maybe the beat is hard to find when any pressure to do so is applied. anyways when i did find it i raised my hand to snap my fingers to it. writing this now i realize i intended to show her something about rhythm. but when i was doing it i was in the moment and just wanted to find the groove and enjoy that with her.
so i raised my hand as i listened and she did too. she was slightly head noddin to the beat (not sure is she was on it or not) and now we both had our hands in position to snap our fingers where we both could see each other  and it was as if she was waiting for my cue. i did put my head down like i was trying to listen to something and block out distractions. then when i found the beat i snapped my fingers on it and slowly raised my head to regain eye contact with her and to experience us being sync'ed in a groove. she was definitely following me and after a few beats we were snapping our fingers in time to the music in their suv. 
it may have been showing off for an attractive female cause more than likely i felt like puttin it on somebody. and i wanted to showoff to her that i could easily find the beat to to her groove (music) that i could barely hear  and was remote from and make her feel it. 

after the few snaps we were in groove together and she followed my head nod. she was just ever so slightly hurried, but i could tell she could feel it. she wasnt relaxed on the beat. like she was hurrying to it and starting early as opposed to waiting to late for it and having to quickly catch up or sumn. 

by this time i have her in groove so its our groove now. we are together and i can feel it and i know she can too. i can clearly see that she can feel that same space and time as me. and ive never seen her before but now we have this instance in space and time in common forever. 

by this time other people in the car notice and there are a few giggles. writing this now i realize that during all this with her i had a more serious look. i think a look like i didnt want this to get silly and giggly. like i want to show you sumthin so pay attention. but not in a mean demanding way. i wasnt trying to scare or frighten her. i wasnt to aggressive in movement or instruction. i know i did want to put her on beat. most of the time i want to show people how to find the beat so they can know.

i know that sometimes when im out doing it at a concert some of the people there have never seen happy like this. maybe they dont realize how to respond to music. they see me in my car and im groovin and being happy. my movements and gestures are that of a happy healthy animal. non aggressive strong playful animal. agilie, coordinated (also big and black) rhythmic. the way i move tells alot about me. it shows intelligence. that my movements are well thought out. this goes for life all day. in everything i do. i move like a strong, healthy, agile, confident animal does. let alone human animal, ALL animals move in these ways.  

sometimes i just smile cause i know. i stick my chest out and just bounce on the beat showing them this is what this animal can do. i believe it sometimes to be a show of happy power. happy strength. almost aggressively happy. sometimes i imagine groovin to "their" music, music that they have listened to all their lives and maybe for the first time they see an animal respond to that music in this way. finding and swinging on the beat. (example is til tuesday's voice's carry). i experience the music in a joyful way using the beat to drive this  happy experience. 

i know this energy is not just contagious. and it may be undeniable.  

where was i? girl, car, others in car notice and giggles. giggles are enough to throw a person off beat. the moment after we got into groove i could no longer keep a straight face and i exploded a laugh scream growl. it felt good. couldnt have lasted more than 20 seconds this whole thing. 

everybody cant do this. some may have the rhythm ability, but not the appeal. the desire. the communication ability. the demeanor. its a combination of having the skill and the ability to make it so people can understand and be receptive to it. not like im selling it, but a lot of human nature lies in response to presentation/appearance. maybe marketing/media has a lot to do with it in that the black male is portrayed as having this quality. white people know old black men are cool like this and have this ability.  they see it in movies from beverly cop to martin's black male comes in and cools everybody out movies. 

anyhows more and more i cant ignore the fact that what i got may be special. ithought to myself if i keep going like this i will be able to walk in a room and heal people. its about faith and believing. convincing a person that they will be better. actually the adrenaline will make them feel better at least briefly. maybe thats it, i know how to excite people. touch them. or maybe i show them a pure happy. a geniune happy. they can see in my eyes and openness  im hiding nothing and i can be trusted. that theres nothing threatening or misleading there. its a way to light. they can see it. no hidden agendas, and no reason for any. they can i see i dont want nothing. 



taste of america july 4, 2003 rose bowl
im sitting out there before the gates open and i think i hear flashlight being played live. i was like whooooooooooa!!!. so im thinking its a band thats gonna perform later inside the rose bowl so i investigate and i find that is the and they are setup outside the bowl on the concourse. needless to say, i was excited...

boogie nights turned it out. we partied. complete confidence and relaxedness. open vibe. spirit high. very early in the show before most got there i was on the big screen groovin.  



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never have i been so high
-jeffery scott mitchell